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Afrisol Energy Ltd, a biogas company,  started in the year 2010 in Kenya and has continued to grow together with her business partners towards a sustainable future. We contribute to a sustainable future by re-designing the overall energy chain. We do this by sharing, daring and taking action from our office in Strathmore Business School, Nairobi. Energy is involved in all company processes and are thus directly influencing the profitability of our clients.

See Afrisol Digester in production at Compuera Mangu Girls - Juja 

Our expectation is that in the near future every m3 of manure will pass through a reactor before using it as a fertilizer. The advantage of using manure for energy production are:

·        avoiding greenhouse gas emission (avoidance of environmental charges)
·        production of biogas (self-supporting)
·        utilizing available minerals (as a fertilizer) 

Whatever the reason is, manure/digestate is an essential product for a sustainable society. Enoug reason to contact us to find out the possibilities at your end. Our approach to waste management is common across all of our operations. However the practicalities of waste management do vary from region to region and even within regions due to conditions. Our common approach is to adopt the waste hierarchy of eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle. We select final disposal options that include energy recovery.

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