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Keep our region green

Waste management makes an important contribution to the reduction of extreme effects of climate change. Recycling saves energy hence, fewer fossil fuels are burned and less carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere. Capturing and utilizing organic wastes from landfill reduces the methane released when these materials decompose, contributing significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  

Our biogas systems are fully integrated farm solutions for rural households and industrial use. Manure from livestock goes in, biogas and organic slurry come out. Biogas is a clean fuel used for cooking. Slurry from biogas systems is a high-quality fertiliser used for growing crops and cow fodder. Our customer made technology revolutionise the biogas industry and make biogas accessible for millions of households. 

Some of the benefits of using biogas include saving money on fuel, clean cooking experience, managing household waste, organic fertilizer and conserving the environment. 

Why Biogas?

1.      Biogas makes our energy production safer. It has no negative implications on the environment and is one of the cleanest fuels available.

2.      It is good for the climate and saves CO2.

3.      Organic residues can be sensibly utilised and do not need to be simply disposed of.

4.      Biogas manure can replace mineral fertiliser.

5.      Biogas plants can be utilised by both urban and rural population, industry as well as households.