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Afrisol Energy Ltd, head office located at The Kenya Climate Innovation Center (CIC), constructs waste management systems that process organic waste into energy and nitrogen-rich plant fertilizers. We designs and manufactures biogas digesters. Afrisol is a fast growing company in sustainable design, engineering and management consultancy active in the growth markets of waste management, water, energy and sustainable planning and design.

We are convinced that the environmental and economical driven focus will translate into better service for our clients. Given the „technology heavy‟ component in this business, knowledge of the industries is essential, in our view, to maximising the added-value for our clients. We have build more than 125 biogas installations.


Together with the large number of products offered by Afrisol as a leading partner in the renewable energy chain, offering tailor made innovative structures of all different kind of projects Our approach to waste management is common across all of our operations. However the practicalities of waste management do vary from region to region and even within regions due to conditions. Our common approach is to adopt the waste hierarchy of eliminate, reduce, reuse and recycle. We select final disposal options that include energy recovery. Sustainable development in our projects and operations Through experience we have learned that we must integrate early in our decision-making the interests and concerns of others, including our neighbours.

This helps us deliver better projects, securing much needed energy for our customers and creating lasting benefits for communities. Environmental challenges are growing as the world’s need for energy increases. We help to meet the world’s growing energy needs in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. New and cleaner technologies can also help to increase the efficiency of our operations and make savings on the current and future costs of emissions. They can even create fresh income streams, such as through carbon credits. Generating innovation In Energy, we innovate continually, creating solutions to waste problems, especially as a result of climate change. Our teams regularly carry out projects such as renewing or building biogas installations or re-thinking the renovation, also as part of life-cycle management.