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Biogas plants


To generate energy and at the same time solve the problem of handling human waste, Afrisol has embarked on construction of bio gas system which incorporate human waste as part of the input material. One such project is the 248m3 bio gas in a Mombasa prison. Waste from the prison could find its way into the Indian Ocean if great care in handling human waste is not employed. The prison being very close to Indian Ocean. In effort to preserve the environment Afrisol has not only taken care of the water sources right at the source but also at the end point. Up the mountain at the source of Chania River we have the Shama Academy Bio gas and at the Ocean to complete the picture is now the Mombasa prison Bio Gas.


Biogas plants provide multiple benefits at the household, local, national, and global levels. These benefits can be classified according to their impact on gender, health, poverty, employment, and environment.

More information about biogas installations can be found in this brochure: click here

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