Stichting Afrisol

Keep our region green


The Inspiration for The Afrisol Foundation

In 2012 we met Amos Nguru as an authority in the field of renewable energy. This has created both a business and a friendly relation. In the years that followed we set up various commercial and social projects, including for orphanages and elderly complexes.

We operate from the idea that you can help solve global problems with local solutions. For example, we show farmers that there are many practical applications for the use of (organic) composting and biogas production, a form of sustainable and cheap energy and fertilizer! And we believe that waste does not exist. We focus on poverty reduction, better health and knowledge transfer.

Our project pursues three goals: stimulating employment and self-reliance, as well as offering a solution for increasing climate problems. Our own innovation center in Kiserian is called Overlim (Overcome Limitations) and was realized in March 2015.

Amos Nguru, with all his experience, network and character, is the big inspiration for the Afrisol Foundation, which offers expertise in the areas of funding, education, energy and food supply and is focused on economic development. We do this within the framework of the sustainable development goal as formulated by the UN.

July 5, 2015, a big day for Amos and his ambitious mission. Former US President Barrak Obama visits our information booth at United Nations headquarters in Kenya. There he meets Amos. President Obama was very interested in our story and the progressive way in which Amos developed his projects.

For an audiovisual introduction to our working method and project realization, please refer to the videos on our website.